Akimamur Industries

Poster for Akimamur Industries

Who we are

We are a bunch of mature eve players that like to get their feet wet in a multitude of activities.


We mine, we build, we sell. We also do mission runs and the odd expedition sites. If you need any advice don't be too shy to ask.


If you want to focus on PvP then we probably are not the right corp for you. However, even we can't just sit around in a belt all day so we do have the odd roam or WH activity going on

We are recruiting

If you like to try new stuff or need a corp that can give you some advice along the way - visit by our ingame public Chat "Akima PuB" or chat with "Juur Zibaoo", "Tetsuya Ogeko", "Hathorn Amar" and "Jo Phor".
We don't have many rules regarding what applications we accept but we don't like "drama people" and we'll need a full account API key for initial background checks. Other than that everybody is welcome - Looking forward to hear from you soon :)