Eve Links

You can find multiple Links to all kinds of tools here. Some are interactive - some are just informative. But they all are meant to be helpful. If you know of any Websites that can be helpful for eve let Jo Phor know and i'll add them here

PI - Planetary Interaction

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Eve Helper

Good Visualization of PI Products and which ones you need to build higher tiers.

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Eve University System Lookup

Quick Info on what Type of Planets you will be able to find in which System.

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PI Diagrams

Diagrams for each Tier 4 PI Commodity in PDF form.

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Fuzzwork PI

What to extract, what kind of PI to build. Check your estimated profit margins here.

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Hanns IO

Alternative Visualization of what kind of PI Mats you need for the higher Tier ones.

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Eve - WebTools

Collection of Tools for PI and Mining

Thumbnail for eve adam4eve


This site provides market, industrial and general statistical tools

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Meph's PI Setups

Eve Forum Entry with good PI Setups

WH - Wormholes

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Ellatha Wormhole List

All the special Codes for all WH Connections and what they actually mean.

Thumbnail for eve university wormhole informations

Eve University Wormhole

Extensive info on WHs like different Types, their Mass and how to classify them.

Thumbnail for anoik is


General Info about Wormholes like most active corps, activity and their static connections.


Thumbnail for evepraisal


Quick price checks for different systems. Accepts multiple copy/paste formats from within eve

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Eve Marketer

Pretty much an out-of-game market where you can check on prices from multiple regions.


Thumbnail for RavWorks


third-party market and industry tool. Production-Plans, Bill of Materials, Analysis,...etc


Thumbnail for Suitonas Blog about Abyss

Suitona Blog

Link to Blog Post with Abyss Info. Blog has multiple other Topics as well.